Hextech feet

Introducing the Hextech Feet

Introducing Hextech feet

The design for this product was born partly out of frustration and the need for a better alternative to the original. The design process for the Hextech foot took several months and conversation with user of the now legendary Technics SL 1200.

The Hextech foot has been design to evenly distribute the mass of the Technics SL and achieve the best damping characteristics. To do this we had to take a very close look at the weight of the turntable at each corner.

The solution was by designing two types of foot – one specifically for the rear left corner – where the transformer is located. The other three turned out to so close that only one additional design was required. So in the set of four feet you will find three the same and one different.

Further recent developments and testing have proved that the design is adaptable to any weight and make of turntable.

The product can be delivered in any RAL color required.

Introducing the Hextech Feet

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