We create custom speakers following a really great concept


The concept behind my design was to develop an enclosure design adaptable to all types and sizes of speaker driver. About twenty years ago, after four years of design and testing, I was able to devise a scalable chart from which enclosures can be built to suit any type of speaker driver, new or re-used.

Here at Studio 4 we have the means to test your present speakers, after which better enclosures can be built to maximise their performance.

We think first of recycling your own good components, but we can provide new parts and drivers as necessary.

A recent customer, with a set of Tannoy Speakers, wanted them refitted into an enclosure of my design, to match a sub-woofer I previously built for his Home Cinema. Now it all works together, beautifully!


By your choice of colour, you the customer can apply your own ideas of style and taste.

After the enclosures are built, they are then handed to you to finish the enclosures with your own brilliant artwork design and choice of colour, to suit the décor of your listening room.

Or you can use the services of some skilful spray painters I happily recommend, and get that glossy finish of a Steinway Piano, or the shine of a National Guitar.

Whichever you chose, you then return your finished enclosures for me to finally fit the drivers and other components.


Using the best materials. Some manufacturers use better materials than others. It is true to say, ‘you get what you pay for.’

For their enclosure boxes, 90% of manufacturers use compressed chip board.

At Studio 4 Holland, we use high grade MDF, the Medium Density Fibreboard known for its resistance to unwanted resonance; or we use old well-seasoned real wood with similar acoustic characteristics.

Whichever you chose, enclosures built by us will be of the highest quality.


Excellent sound need not cost a fortune. We at Studio 4 Holland are cost effective because we do not have huge premises to pay for, and my scale chart enables me to quickly design what you need, in just a few hours.

The average cost of a pair of our new-built Studio 4 Speakers (unpainted) is 400 Euros. But ‘Hearing is Believing’, so ask for a demo.

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