Studio 4 Holland and Technicsfarm, your place to go for:

* Hand built speakers by design to fit your environment
* Technics SL1200/1210 turntables, Decks for turntablism, Technics Customisation & Technics Repair
* Repairs and service
* Hextech Feet
* Interiors & Furnitures


In this section you will read a few comments from past customers about the items I created for them.
The hand crafted items where all made to specific requirements. I take pride in creating things that will last and have practical functionality. The A.V. edit desk for example was constructed to fit his perfect sitting position. The Green-Vinyl shop interior was designed to give a certain ambiance - cool and chilled out!
The sub woofer for Araldo was designed and constructed to give a smooth solid sound at every comfortable listening volume. The four speakers for Edwin have been designed to fit with there house refurbishment.

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