Ron ridder

I have a TV set from Loewe with a sound projector. This sound projector is giving a surround effect using only one speaker. The TV set supports digital radio.

The sound quality is very good but a deep bass is not possible because of the size of the sound projector . Using a regular subwoofer increases the bass good for movies but for music to me its horrible. A bass guitar sounds more like a drum than a guitar as I would say.

My experience with speakers and subwoofers was leading me again to Studio 4 Holland. A subwoofer with integrated amplifier was the right choice for me. It gives the deep vibrations for the explosions in the movies but also music sounds very good. Since the completion of the TV set with the subwoofer from Studio 4 Holland I even don’t use the hifi system anymore. I’m working with video a lot.

For me the audio is as important as the video itself. Sometimes the sound is even more import because the music can change the atmosphere of the video. In my studio is not enough space for Big speakers so I was using a subwoofer system. The problem with this system was the gap between the low and high parts not only in the music but also in speech.

A mistake while using this kind of speaker system is to adjust the sound quality of music and speech in the video so it sounds good. Being happy finishing the video and bring it to the audience I kind of shame came over me. The sound quality was, let say, not good.

When I heard about the speakers designed by Studio 4 Holland I couldn’t believe it would be possible to get the sound of “big” speakers out of a relatively small cabinet. After contacting Studio 4 Holland I made an appointment for a sound test. Listening to the first set of speakers not bigger than a small shoebox I started looking for a hidden pair of the “big” ones but they were not there.

The same for a hidden subwoofer. The sound coming from these shoeboxes was surprisingly good and pure. The bass coming from the small drivers (3”) was warm and, as I like to say, rolling. Not the pushing sound of a subwoofer or the canned sound of high pressure system but just nice and no gap between high and low. For me it was clear: I wanted some of these for my studio.

Studio 4 Holland offered me to test a set at my studio. With this set I could do some tests with my videos but also just playing music I like. The sound was clear and no correction of the sound was needed in the video as mentioned before. Of course some original microphone recordings needed to be adjusted. By using this speakers during editing the sound quality of my videos was like it should be.

No Mather it would be played on just a TV or in small theatre the sound quality is now as good as the quality of the system it’s played on. Looking for subwoofers to complete my PA system and the good results i have using speakers from Studio 4 Holland i informed if they have subwoofers in there program.

I told Studio 4 Holland about that i was looking for subwoofers to use inside as well outside. Studio 4 Holland didn’t have speakers for this kind of use but would make a design for these wishes. After a while the subwoofers where ready for a paint job and Studio 4 Holland wanted to know which color I would like to have them. After painting a first indoor test was even better than expected. Compared with other subwoofers the sound was an overall warm and pure bass and not the hammering sound many other subwoofers produce.

Probably the frequency range of the subwoofer of Studio 4 Holland is much wider which also is making the gap between the bass and middle part of the sound disappear. Because the bass is rolling over the floor the volume doesn’t have to be that high to get a nice bass. Something that works perfectly outside. Once I used only one subwoofer at a street parade. The bass coming from the subwoofer didn’t got blown away by the wind and rolled all the way to the end of the street.

The size of the subwoofers can be called compact especially for the sound they produce. Moving the subwoofers can be done easily by one person. Even putting them in the van. Yes, I am very pleased with the subwoofers from Studio 4 Holland. Ronald R.J.T.V. video productions

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