When we remodeled our house I wanted expand our Magnat 2.1 soundsystem to an 5.1, my wife didn’t want speakers that really stood out because the decoration was going to be minimalistic.

I contacted Leon and we came up with a compromise, the speakers were going to be similar to our furniture. When the speakers were finished the Studio4 rearspeakers sounded better than the Magnats, so we decided to change the configuration. The Magnats are now the rearspeakers and the Studio4 are now the main speakers. Although the subwoofer is big it doesn’t really stand out but it packs a really big sound which especially is noticeable with movies, the Centerspeaker is made to fit our televisioncabinet and is nicely tucked away. The two frontspeakers together with the subwoofer work great as a stereospeakers when listening to music, all in all we are very happy and impressed by the whole set-up!

Edwin van Stein

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