About 3 years ago, I accidentally met an Englishman here in the Netherlands just looking for a used Cambridge Audio cd player he was offering. I was blown away when we went to his studio just to see and hear the cd player. I was even more amazed when he told me that the sound I was hearing came from his own build speakers. Especially the small size and the great sound were truly astonishing!

After buying the cd player, I called my best friend and fellow audio maniac, Marvin. I just met a British guy that made the most amazing speakers I have heard. I have got to hear this! 2 weeks later we both went to visit him. Also he was very impressed. He ordered a total set-up of Fronts, Rears, Center and subwoofer. I started with just a subwoofer.
I decided to provide the woofer unit myself. I delivered the 10-inch unit from a Monitor Audio RX subwoofer. My new British friend built the enclosure. He called me after testing the sub with some unexpected news. He told me a needed to buy a separate amplifier for the sub as it blew his 2 monoblocks away. It turned out to be a magnificent monster.
Marvin and I also found a company that could make a lacquer finish of the speakers in any color.
We both are really pleased with the new speakers.

A year ago I asked him to rebuild my front speakers. I already had a pair of Tannoy Sensys DC2, which already sounded very good, but I already knew they could be better. The only thing I added was a new tweeter, as the original broadband tweeter could not be used anymore. When my dear friend called me to say the front speakers were finished, he actually was reluctant to give them back. The sound is fantastic and he is looking to buy a used pair of similar Tannoy’s to build himself the same speaker.

So this is my story and I can tell you all that I am a real critic when it comes to audio and sound. I can really recommend meeting this man and to listen and see what he is capable of building. I have added some pictures on my blog of my speakers and from Marvin but appearance isn’t everything. You have got to hear them. Feel them. Experience them! I challenge you to come and listen to my set-up.

Another thing he is a master of, is refurbishing and pimping turntables. He specializes in the Technics SL 1200 / 1210/ MK2 /MK5 / M3D’s and M5G’s. From what I understand of this – he strips the deck completely and then changes and re-engineers a few things – for example he will retro fit any tone arm of your choice (SME – Jelco – Rega – or his own built tone arms) – then the main deck will have bits replaced, what is broken or worn out, and then he gives the main deck a funky color or subtle color depending on what your taste is, they truly are a work of art. You can check out some of the decks yourself at click on gallery / scroll down to Technics / then search Leon 1200.

Thanks for reading - Araldo

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