The re-imagined Rega P1

At Studio 4 holland I am always thinking how can certain items be improved. Well when dealing with turntables, the heavier the better. In this case, rega made a pretty decent belt drive deck with a much better than average tone arm. The only thing that let it down was what they used as a main deck frame. So I consulted a friend of mine who use a water cannon cutter on a daily basis, well as you can imagine it was not long before I had a carbon copy of the MDF rega frame in 10mm thick alloy, and then of course we did the platter as well in 10mm alloy - then sat the whole thing on a set of our slightly modified Hextech feet. (there is a separete section about the design and story for these Hextech feet) - fitted with a goldring cartridge this unit now has that warm analouge sound. Unit is for sale - please enquire via the email for further details.

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